Minggu, 03 Januari 2016

2015 Journal mash up

A raging contemplation
Like throwing penguins to survive living in a desert and move camels to the arctic
Not everyone is ready for our honesty
But it was like an imaginary confession
I'm in the middle of a hurricane at home with electricity blackout, neighbor's car alarm noise shouting the thunder
Wonderful how people could make something that means a lot for some strangers' life
Quite scandalous... But who am I to judge.
You didn’t expect something to be there but it was there, when you needed it the most.
But still I feel as empty as the old cinemas outside 21 chains
The quirky yet lovely combination: a typical sexist narcissist guy, a computer nerdy + alpha urban male, a young married mom with endless trains of troubles, a stylish gay with simple way of thinking
Add any new people and I'll become a totally different person
Since when this became a daily journal summary?
Liburan atau meledak
Nothing’s too special this week, but I feel so tired
My financial condition wasn’t really good this weekend
They were what I would call the travel snobs
Open trip always made me realize how introvert I am