Rabu, 25 Maret 2015

Screen Shopping

It's never been that easy for me to make some purchase. It has been almost two years I constantly do screen shopping for a camera without ever buying it (yet). I made lists, titled "5 best pocket cameras" and "5 reasonable mirrorless cameras". Too many considerations and comparisons, too much doubt, no decision.

That was exactly what I've been through for my bicycle too. It took about one-two years of thinking, hunting (online and offline, owed two good friends who've spent their weekend to accompany), and after too many mental check lists for what kind of bicycle I should buy. Oh, and added my current notebook to one of the longest process of buying, too.

I could defend it's all for the sake of smart buying and to avoid later regret, but actually this also made me sort of a screen shopper. While we've already familiar with the term 'window shopping' to explain going to the shop without buying anything, 'screen shopping' is a more accurate term for online shopping that doesn't required windows anymore, but a screen: computer, tablet, phone. Though I also do offline research (let’s call it research, too), I sometimes go to shop too to see the real products and compare the prices, but screen shopping could help you save the energy, cost, and time. And it never matter how I purchase it in the end.